Street furniture

The street furniture sector has grown to provide a diverse range of items and we offer a very wide range of locking security products suitable for these applications.  

We are experienced in developing and supplying locks for parking posts, bollards and security barriers that control access to specific areas. 

Our experts can also advise on a locking solution to protect electronic equipment and sensitive data, as found in digital signage and CCTV equipment.  We have experience of advising on the many aspects that need to be considered, including the value of what is being protected and the consequences of its loss or damage. 

Outdoor environments require a lock that can defy not only attacks from thieves and vandals but also harsh weather. Brass and stainless steel products, where appropriate IP rated, an provide the desired level of protection from the environment. 

Wider security considerations

Many of our street furniture customers have found the optimum security solution for their application in one of the following ranges:

We also offer gaskets, hinges and lock accessories such as dust caps that cover the key entry point to avoid ingress of dust, dirt, moisture or other elements.


Choosing the most appropriate lock for street furniture applications may not be as straightforward as it seems and we shall be pleased to share our knowledge and long experience with you. 


Our experienced locking experts will be happy to guide you towards the best solution for your application, either from our ranges or manufactured to your specific requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity. 

Selected product ranges

Cam locks
Multi-point locking and swing handles
Locking inserts
Electronic locks