Case study:

Camlock Systems collaborated with KMS Europe through the design, testing and delivery phases to devise superior protection for their new state-of-the-art ordering kiosks.

KIOSK: Self Service terminals

The Brief

When KMS Europe was asked to design and build a state-of-the-art ordering kiosk, they needed a lock with superior protection to meet the demands of their bespoke technology. The multi-branded fast-food ordering kiosks were the first of their kind in the UK, developed by KMS for the UK's leading service station business Welcome Break.

Tasked with developing both the software and hardware for the kiosks, KMS collaborated with Camlock Systems from the design stage, through to prototype testing and delivery to find a smart locking solution. 

the Challenges

  • Secure payment terminals and printer technology for bespoke cabinetry
  • Meet exacting standards of the Welcome Break security team to pass their penetration and manipulation testing
  • Devise a feasible solution that supports key management across sites
  • Flexible, responsive approach to changing requirements throughout the project

systems solutions

In the prototype phase the kiosks were fitted with our Series 31 Cam Lock to meet the requirements within the initial brief for a lock with excellent ease of use for staff across the Welcome Break sites. 

However, when the client expressed a need for increased security to pass their penetration and manipulation testing, Camlock devised a solution using our Series 28 Octagon mechanism to ensure the systems could be keyed alike in suites with an overriding master key. Our flexible responsive approach to locking solutions ensures the highest levels of security for this cutting edge technology, used by thousands of people each day on the UK's road network. 

Series 28 Cam lock

“To have a partner like Camlock gives KMS great comfort that we have a knowledgeable partner with vast experience in this field and to have the ability to provide a solution for all our needs. KMS pride in our Kiosk design and security is a fundamental part of the design.” 

Emelyn Cole-Jones, Managing Director - KMS Europe 

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