Series 63

manipulation-resistant, BRASS Locking insert.
patented Axial pin tumbler Mechanism




Our patented AXIAL Pin Tumbler mechanism offers key control and manipulation resistance.

The Series 63 Locking Insert houses our unique AXIAL Pin Tumbler mechanism in a high-quality brass body with a satin chrome finish.

AXIAL Pin Tumbler technology
Our flagship AXIAL mechanism is built to safeguard against manipulation, destructive attacks and key compromise. It utilises a series of single-piece pins that cannot be bumped into place, alongside a set of protective anti-manipulation features that surround the core. ​​​​​​​

Cross Suiting
The AXIAL technology family is designed with a patented, symmetrical keyway offering superior key control and the flexibility to suite with other AXIAL products, including our high-security AXIAL cylinder, Series 65.  


Superior key control. Will cross-suite with
    Series 65

>   Patented mechanism and keyway

>   Unique flag-shaped pins

 No shear line = high bump resistance

>   Body Length: 40.40mm

>   Registered keys exclusively available from
     Camlock Systems

 Compatible with any locking hardware
     product taking standard length inserts



Additional lock variants

Series 63

18mm Cam Lock

Series 63

25mm Cam Lock

Series 63

30mm Cam Lock

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