Smarter locking   
for Vending applications

From managing staff and contractor entry while
preventing unauthorised access, to guarding valuable machines and their contents against attack in unmanned environments - vending locking systems need to offer manipulation resistance, key control and convenience.

Our range of vending solutions offer smart locking systems to suit all styles of machine:

  • Concealed keyless Electronic Latches
  • Key management 
  • Manipulation and attack resistant cylinders
  • Master keying and changeable locks
  • Coloured key fobs for identification
  • Attractive and robust Locking Hardware


Food and beverage

Consumer goods


PPE and equipment

AG Foods 

With a desire to replace the low quality of the vending locks that came as standard on the machines they source, AG Foods tasked Camlock Systems with delivering a cost-effective, yet quality locking solution.

"We value Camlock's philosophy towards locking technology and are a proud partner, supporting their products in Central Europe."


Vending Operator

We partnered with leading supplier of self-service dispensing machines,
Delikomat, to re-secure their machines after experiencing a series of cash losses. 

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After several losses, Camlock Systems devised a locking solution that helped Impulse Autovend South Ltd to restore the security of their vending machines.

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Featured Products


Series T8 

Hardened Steel Cam Lock housing our high-security 10 pin, Octagon mechanism


Series T48

'Camatic' Locking Insert with a changeable, 12 pin Octagon mechanism


Series 8840

Slimline, surface-mounted vending T-handle. Available in three finishes


Series 100

NEW concealable Rotary Latch with dual stainless steel jaws 

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