Infrastructure and utility cabinets and enclosures

Prior to choosing a locking solution for your cabinet or enclosure, it can help to reflect on the consequences of a security breach. 


Many of our locking solutions offer above-average security to minimise the risk of loss of equipment or data and the consequences of vandalism, while meeting health & safety requirements.


Where enclosures and cabinets are at risk of being prised open, we offer a very wide range of multi-point locking products.


We can configure locks to many widely available key combinations, such as the popular 900 and S18 combinations for highway and road signs and cabinets.


Where cabinets or enclosures require protection from the elements, we can help you find a locking system that is made from corrosion resistant materials and, where required, is IP rated.

Wider security considerations

The following product ranges are frequently purchased by our customers in the cabinets and enclosures sector and many of them are suitable for use on CNI sites.

We also offer a wide selection of hinges, non-locking handles and gaskets to complement our security products.


Contact our experienced Technical Sales team to discuss the best solution for your application, either from one of the above ranges or manufactured specific to your requirements, subject to a minimum order quantity. 

Selected product ranges

Cam locks
Multi-point locking and swing handles
Changeable combination locks
Locking inserts
Electronic locks